Kevin & Stève
Your hosts at la Bastide des Bourguets

Founders of the Bastide des Bourguets, they acquired the estate in 2017. With their experience of more than fifteen years in the luxury hotel industry, with seasons spent between Courchevel and Saint-Tropez, it is in Bora Bora, in French Polynesia, where Kévin and Steve spent five years perfecting their training.

After a major renovation, they opened the Bastide des Bourguets in April 2018. With a rating of 9.2/10 on, repeatedly awarded by tourism professionals, the Bastide des Bourguets welcomes travelers from all over the world.


A child of the Sault region from a family of lavender farmers, graduated in Hospitality Marketing & Management, he traveled a lot, particularly during his different seasons in luxury hotels.

A receptionist at the age of 20, he subsequently became Reception Manager and then Room for Courchevel, Saint Tropez and Bora Bora.

Passionate about gardening and welcoming customers, he is the one who concocts the gourmet breakfasts that make the Bastide des Bourguets famous. He will take the time every morning to direct you and explain the essential places and villages to visit.

Kévin à la Bastide des Bourguets dans champs de lavande
Stève, host at la Bastide des Gourbets, bed and breakfast betweenLuberon and mont Ventoux


From Alsace, Stève was for 15 years Food and Beverage Manager in various gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels.

He also traveled a lot during his different seasons. It was in the mountains where he met Kévin in a luxury hotel in Les Ménuires.

In love with his native Alsatian region, life decided otherwise, and it was with Kévin that he left his bags in Provence.

Stève is passionate about decoration and has imagined all the interiors of our homes. A great lover of wine and gastronomy, he will introduce you to his cuisine during our guest tables.

The Mascot Tom 

All our customers who stayed at the Bastide des Bourguets were able to meet our Cat “Tom”.

Great mascot of the estate, we adopted Tom during our professional experience in French Polynesia in Bora Bora. And yes Tom is a Tahitian…

It dominates the area and becomes a real predator for small four-legged animals: rodents, lizards and sometimes birds.

Not at all wild, Tom loves caresses. You will be able to see him during the summer table d’hôtes in the garden going from table to table to greet each customer.

Always looking for tenderness, he will try to venture inside for our lodge guests. Do not hesitate to chase him away, we have taught him not to enter our homes, but he will try…

Tom the mascot of la Bastide des Gourbets, bed and breakfast between Luberon and mont Ventoux
Geographic map Bastide des Gourbets, bed and breakfast in Provence
Logo de la Bastide des Bourguets, guesthouse in Pays de Sault

Les Bourguets 84390 Sault, France

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Petit déjeuner gourmand | Chambre d'hôtes Bastide des Gourbets

Gourmet breakfast included to get your visit to the Nesque and Luberon gorges off to a good start.

Table d'hôtes | Chambre d'hôtes Bastide des Gourbets - Luberon - mont Ventoux

Table d’hôtes, gourmet and generous cuisine, rich in its regional and Provençal terroir

Chambre d'hôtes avec service de bar | La Bastide des Bourgets - Sault - Provence

Honesty Bar: A contract of trust is between us owners and you, our customers, who should feel at home.

Boutique bio | Chambte d'hôtes la Bastide des Gourbets

shop selling regional organic products from our farm and other specialties from Provence.